Mount Penanggungan, The Little Semeru That so Beautiful

Mount Penanggungan, The Little Semeru – Hi friends, Today I will tell you something different, not about agriculture or farming as usually, but about my experiences, hiking to Mount Penanggungan. Mount Penanggungan, The Little Semeru That so Beautiful.

Do you ever know about Mount Penanggungan? Most of you may not know moreover to heard it. But be calm brothers, it doesn’t matter, because today I will tell you about my journey to the summit of Mount Penanggungan.

Penanggungan is one of the favorite destinations of mountaineers or hikers in Eastern Java besides Mount Bromo or Mount Semeru.

Penanggungan located in the District of  Trawas, Mojokerto City not only become the main goal of professional hikers but also beginners. Natural beauty during hiking is certainly the main attraction of this mount.

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Mount Penanggungan that used to be known as Pawitra (which means “white mist”) has a height of 1653 meters above sea level. This mount was dubbed as The Little Semeru because of its shape resemblance.

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Based on myth in the society of ancient Java, Pawitra was once a part of Semeru. How’s the story?

According to ancient Javanese texts, Pawitra was a part of Semeru, which was separated when is being moved from India to Java.

Why moved to Java? so, the island of Java is not drowned. Regardless of myth, most mountains have similarities to each other’s shape.

Mount Penanggungan, The Little Semeru . Source :

This mount always crowded, especially at the weekend. It’s a favorite place for employees who do not have any time for a vacation, very difficult especially if you want to hike mount like Semeru, Rinjani or Kerinci, the most popular mount in Indonesia.

At that time, I met many hikers from Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Gresik and the surrounding industrial city.

From basecamp Tamiajeng Trawas (registration post), it only takes 2-3 hours to get to the shadow peak, but the track presented is quite challenging.

Enough to treat longs to hike mount. The beauty of his sunrise becomes an amazing experience, so I want to come there again sometime later. For me personally, it feels no bored to hike this mount.

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Sunset of Mount Penanggungan seen from Tamiajeng Village. Source :
Camping area at Shadow Peak in the morning. Background: Mount Arjuno-Welirang on the east side
Sunrise from Teletubbies hill
Lapindo Mudflow seen from Summit of Penanggungan, Pawitra 1653 masl
Famous Indonesian Actor, Al Ghazali

Are you interested come to there? Let’s see its itinerary below :

*Jakarta – Surabaya : 1.5 hours by plane

*Surabaya-Trawas : 2 hours by car/motor

*Basecamp – Shadow peak : 2 hours

*Shadow peak – Summit (Pawitra) : 45-60 minutes

Ok that’s all, my short story when I hike Mount Penanggungan (Pawitra, The Little Semeru That So Beautiful. Thank you^^

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