Why Agriculture Can’t Be Separated from Indonesian People

Belajartani.comHi’s friend wherever you are, How are you today? I wish you’re ok. Fine, At this time i wanna post about Indonesian agriculture, especially about why agriculture can’t be separated from Indonesian people. Because, this is my first post in English, so please understand if the sentence structure is less precise.

As Indonesian people that life from agriculture, I always keep up the progress of Indonesian agriculture, issue by issue. My grandfather used to be a farmer when i was a child. It was very happy playing in the green of rice field with mountains background. Can do you see imagine what a beautifull is it..!

Ok fine, back to topic. Talking about Indonesian agriculture is very interesting. There were a few factors, 3 factors i think (CMIIW), why agriculture can’t be separated from Indonesian people. This is just my opinion, not completely true, and you may disagree with me.

1. Agriculture is way of life

Agriculture is way of life Indonesian people

Do you know what the meaning “agriculture is way of life”? Agriculture said as way of life because majority of Indonesian people working as farmer has been done from generation to generation since their ancestors. Working all days in the field, farmer since started they wake up till evening, as a rice farmer for example.

2. Great natural wealth potential 

As a country, Indonesia is blessed with beautiful natural wealth. Genetic diversity, geographic diversity and others factor  which also influence why agriculture been of the way of life Indonesian people.

3. 70% of Indonesians work in the agricultural sector

About 70% of Indonesia’s population worked in agriculture sector (farms, fisheries, plantations). Although the agricultural sector is not the main sector, in fact the agricultural sector contributes to GDP of 13.59%, the second largest after the manufacturing sector 20.48 %.

The current trend of the agricultural sector is less desirable by the younger generation. This is due to the level of prosperity of Indonesian farmers is still low compared to ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and the Vietnam. Nevertheless, Indonesian agriculture still has a good image in the eyes of the world.

  • Indonesian agriculture is in the top 25 of the world (, July 2017)

Agriculture Can’t Be Separated from Indonesian People

  • 7 Agricultural commodities Indonesia has the World’s Best Quality (, May 2017)

Agriculture Can’t Be Separated from Indonesian People

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Ok friends, that’s the 3 factors why agriculture can’t be separated from Indonesian people. As long as humans need to eat then agriculture will never die.

I wish this short article useful. So, dont forget to share to your brother sister, your friends too. Thats all, Thank you^^

Regards 🙂

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